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Tree planting is like adding a tool to a box because it is saved and can only benefit you for the future. Cutting down a tree is like destroying a commodity in order to receive temporary goods. As you know, it is best to plant 100,000 trees in order to receive 1,000,000 peaches.

It is a general rule of thumb to treat everyone with respect. Conditioning from our family, friends, and acquaintances causes us to develop badness from a youth. We as a human kind must dissolve badness, treat everyone with respect, and absolutely do best in all of our fields or sectors.

I write this with a little bit of stress. I deal with chronic anxiety, so much that I once could not step outside of my Grandma’s house because of the shame of helplessness I experienced. As life went on, I learned that shame is only a bi-product of insanity so I stepped out of my comfort zone, worked hard, and made myself into a quality worker.

To this day I worry about love. I just need to put this out there. I want to be loved by a beautiful woman. I want to love a beautiful woman. I want to give her my entire world. A shared vision, a family, happiness with wealth and healthy opportunities at every turn. This is something everyone needs and I believe it to be true.

I want to share with you something special. This business is like a child to me, growing, surprising me, and developing into a wonderful butterfly. Please check out my website so we can work and build together, in unity. Thank you. jebseo.com/ – Fort Worth

Money is not happiness. Happiness is happiness.

Clarity is extremely important to me over the thought of being unique. Being clear with an offer dissolves ambiguity regardless if it is about a relationship, a business offer, or any type of transaction. People want to feel they make a smart, good decision. Transparency is key. We must get out of this fight or flight programming because magic exists outside of it. Ego is dissolved, happiness blooms, and all flourishes. Check out this study on decision making right here: https://scholar.harvard.edu/files/jenniferlerner/files/annual_review_manuscript_june_16_final.final_.pdf

Understand a scene methodically like a detective is a better approach rather than asking, “Who did it?” because this approach gets to the roots of our behavior as individuals. Read about Sherlock Holmes and how he revolutionized detective work via psychological decluttering right now. This takes us to mind reading others properly…

Everyone experiences vectors or forces that act against us like a drag everyday. We all desire to be healthy, wealthy, happy, and to be loved by others. If something sticks out then others will notice you lack love, wealth, or a healthy life. Also, it’s important to be humble that you cannot mind read or understand what someone is thinking.

DO NOT IMPLODE. If you implode then others will realize this and call you names, laugh, or acknowledge their weakness within you. https://www.federalreserve.gov/faqs/what-is-financial-stability.htm

What are your self-image norms and what validates her current I.D.? She desires an intellectual male, quality looks, and a stable mind/wallet. She wants a Lexus, seems family-oriented, spoke Spanish first, and looks like an angel to me. She almost does not seem real whenever I look at her because she seems too good to be true. Beautiful.

Tangent change!

Proper fuel will lead to a properly functioning body. No one cares about correct grammar except for institutions where a sentence if used incorrectly can hold you back for years although you possess the potential to move mountains. I don’t mind if my thoughts fly around like a thousand planes in a crowded sky. I am embracing my insanity and you should too.

Thank you for skimming, reading, and absorbing some of my thoughts. There is much work to be done to bridge more clarity. Goodbye for now,

Jonathan Bowers

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